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Power Technology Co., Ltd. based in Shenzhen jiaxin nanhu more than thirty years of professional experience , the diode 12 billion in sales , more than a thousand varieties of products including surface mount and axial plug series diodes and other special devices, etc. , but also to undertake external various discrete packages processing business of the device, can provide customers with high-volume , full- range , multi-species, specialized package solution.
Company to chip design and manufacturing technology for support, constructed from product development, wafer cutting and grinding , chip manufacturing, packaging and testing to sales and service of a complete industrial chain , has an experienced , professional and reasonable allocation of the technical management team , which can be customers to provide tailored support services and synchronous development of professional services companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001, TS16949 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system of production , product complies with EU Directive (ROHS), to meet customer needs and can provide halogen-free products .

The company is committed to establish a good market image , with the continuous improvement of product quality and service to win customers face to face direct trust in the company's brand . The company's products are widely used in household appliances , green lighting , IT, digital products, automotive electronics, industrial control.

The company will maintain " our efforts to create the customer's brilliant" long-service concept, with outstanding products and efficient service and look forward to customers around the world to carry out more extensive cooperation , to become China's semiconductor discrete devices industry segments leader.